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Re: over drive in a 71

Originally Posted by '63GENIII View Post
Precisely the reason I run an NV4500...the thought of my wife driving the Brick!

Kidding aside, we have an 04 Yukon XL Denali 6.0 urban assault grocery getter with a 4L65E. I think the car is 7 or 8k lbs and we tow a 4500# boat and have our 4 kids, wife's stuff and boat stuff. Never weighed it but its heavier than the truck when loaded and towing. I had a transmission built by TransStar a few years back with a couple of better parts on Clinebarger's recommendation. This transmission has been awesome. Id probably run it behind the old 396 that I had in the truck.

The 454 that i have now is a different story. Id feel a little weird not having a 4L80 behind that. It makes a more torque than the LQ9 in the Denali and way more than the 396 ever could.

I think that stand alone controllers and harnesses can be had for either electronic transmissions as well.

You've got a few choices which is good.
Wife drives mine, Cummins 4BT SM420 and a Ranger overdrive can't keep her out of it, thinks it's hers or something.
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