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Re: 68 K20 GMC/Chevy

Originally Posted by CG View Post
So I got the title transferred today and got it insured. Wont be home to my house for a week or two. Livrat owned this truck for close to 30 years, Wow!

I wont start a build thread because my plans are mostly just to drive it. Ill add some mags in a little bit. I may change out the nose to Chevy. One of my sons might want the GMC nose for his burb. My goal is to keep it on the road and not tear it down. I don't need another undrivable unfinished project

Whenever I change anything up Ill just add to this post.

Im just happy to have another real truck I can tow with and toss junk in the back without worrying too much.

I gave my 62 Unibody to my younger son (33) he's pretty happy right now lol

I thought you were going to dissect it and use it for parts??
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