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fan control switch went bad

so i thought i would do write up on putting in the new one.

well i started with a new fan control module from O'RILEY Auto Parts a
Hayden 3647. cost wasn't to bad at 39.00 after tax.

it came with very short but thorough directions. this unit will service two electric fans at the same time and same speed. it also is adjustable to temp. it comes factory set to come on at 160 degrees and can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 210 degrees.

keep in mind my install was to fix a bad switch if and when i can go in to restore mode i will hide the unit. (just don't hide it until its adjusted) i liked this unit because of the way it is compact it is fused and adds a relay for the fan in one unit.

i mounted the unit on the radiator support with 2 self tapping screws.

the orange wire is fused and goes to your fans power wire. the ground wire goes to a chassis ground i also put the units ground wire in the same ring terminal and attached it to the upper left radiator mounting bolt.

the red wire goes to battery positive. you also have a yellow wire to hook up to ignition on positive. i chose to have my fan so it can run even with the ignition switch off so i wired the red and yellow wires to the fused battery positive wire. there are 2 more wires to deal with and on my set up they are not needed one is for a second fan and the other is a air conditioner clutch wire so it will always come on with the a/c.

last but not least is the temp probe. it is recommended to install the probe as close to the upper radiator hose as possible. on the last switch i zip tied it to the outside of the radiator with good results. on this one i did ever so gently push it through the fins under the upper hose and zip tied the wire so it couldn't move.

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