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Re: post up your camping pics

Was the perfect place to just hang out for a couple of days at the end of the trip.

The run home on Tuesday was wet down the Desert Road. I thought it might lift so went back up the Tikino ski field road. It didn't, and the road was a lot rougher than it was two years ago when me and number two went up. Sorry girls!

And then the run home. Another storm front heading North up the Desert.

Another fantastic run in an old GMC truck. Around 750 miles, a little beach, a little farm track, and plenty of rural New Zealand roads. Good times. Truck ran great and the only problem was some broken exhaust bolts. Possibly from frame flexing through the farms. Some of the roughest country we've been on. Even after 11500 miles I'm still glancing underneath to make sure nothing is falling off! It all falls on my greasy little fingers if something does, being the guy who took it apart/stuck it back together! Back to reality (?) and still planning the big South Island trip....
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