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Re: Need some brake help, please...

When I had this problem, my first set was just like yours. I had to use a mallet and tap them into place. I could turn the rotor so with the thicker rotors the pads will wear themselves to the rotor. The newer rotors can’t due this as they will warp being thinner. Mine came from advance auto . I believe these replacement pads are just thicker(not the wrong part) n some cases making them harder or impossible to put on. U could take the caliper and press it up against the back of the rotor. Use your ruler to measure the empty space on the front side of the rotor.when u go back to the store, u will have a good idea with both pads together, what the overall thickness needs to be. If u can get a set close enough to put on without some real effort, then u can wear them into the rotor like you did originally. Best of luck and let all know the outcome
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