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Re: Need some brake help, please...

I have been doing brake work for over 50 years, 35 of those were to make a living.. Professionally, if you will… I have never, I repeat, "NEVER", encountered brake pads that were manufactured too thick.. 99% of the time the pads wouldn't slide in because the caliper pistons weren't retracted in far enough.. If the piston "stalled out" it was because debris, rust or other obstruction stopped it. The other 1% was because the pads were wrong for the application.

50% of my money is on something is keeping the caliper piston from fully retracting.. Before you start shaving friction material, check those pistons closely.. The other 50% is on the pads being wrong for the application..

If you're going to the same parts store and getting these "too thick" pads, get a refund and go some place else...
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