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Re: Need some brake help, please...

Originally Posted by Andy4639 View Post
I didn't see it in any of your post but the brake calipers for a 71 and 72 are different. They do not enter change. The mounting tangs for the brake hose tell you the difference.
Yes they look almost identical but they are not. This could have been your problem. Most place have no idea they are different.
100% correct.. The rotor, the pad, and the hose have to match.. The thicker rotors will fit, but the caliper has to "match" the rotor.. Then the hose has to "match" the caliper.. That"s the only way the parts will interchange..

.27" is a lot of material to remove. 20 thousandths over a 1/4 inch.. That's about the amount of thickness difference between thick and thin rotors. The OP either has the wrong calipers (regardless of the casting #), or the wrong rotors..
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