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Re: I keep loosing upper fender bolt

Originally Posted by demian5 View Post
The only things I could think that "over time" would cause this is:
1. Not having a bolt at the bottom of the fender under the cab, or a rusted fender that cant be secured. I'd have to dbl check that but if I remember all other hardware was in place for mine.
2. A bent fender that the door hits when opening and closing. No interference @ the doors. A couple of small door dings only on my OE sheet metal.
3. Tires that rub the fenders when turning or going through dips and vibrate the fenders with the tread. Aftermarket raised inner fender wells so no rubbing except for the seldom buzz (happened maybe 3-4 times since 2015) if turned too sharp while navigating a dip/driveway entrance.
4. Off-roading on washboard roads. Only 'off-roading' mine experiences is an occasional field maybe at idle speed. Now our regular pothole infested roads are a different story....
5. Excessive shopping cart bashing at the local mall. 2x parking lot bruises. Other than that, no shopping cart bashing.
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