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Brand new MTX 8" powered 240W subwoofer enclosure

I paid $170 for this a few months back...

[size=5I'll take $100 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. [/quote]

This item is brand new in an open box. I only opened the box to measure whether it would fit under my '98 C1500's folding rear seat (ext. cab, 3dr, not a crew cab, it fits). Comes with the MTX remote control bass +/- knob. No power wiring kit is included.

Enclosure retails for $150 on Amazon, the remote is normally sold separate for $20. Amp is built-in.

The angles of the box happen to match the back seat angle of many SUV and sedans nicely.

Pics attached are from MTX, can include pics of the actual item in another reply.

EDIT: "240W" designation is just what Amazon's page where I bought it says. Box says "360w max, 100w RMS".
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