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Re: The 1960 - 1966 Chevrolet & GMC Pickups Factory Correct Restoration Thread

Here's are some details I've run across when restoring a '65 C10 Long/Fleet with a 292 and 3 speed. Some of these may not be applicable for all 60-66 trucks; just noting what I found during the restoration of the '65.

The bellhousing had an overspray pattern on it and you can see the Alpine Green color that is correct for a 292. It seems that the engines and bellhousings were painted assembled and no form of masking was used.

Replicated during restoration:

The interior heater diverter box had a textured paint from the factory. Rustoleum makes a paint the duplicates it well. The deluxe knob on the heater is incorrect, I added it to match the dash knobs.

On the heater assembly, the factory sealed the seams with a flexible, non hardening seam sealer. I used white strip caulk from Ace Hardware to replicate it when reassembling the heater unit.

Aluminum bodied carburetors can be recolored using PPG DX503 Auminum Conditioner.

Wooden bed floors, bolt heads, and the wear strips were painted black from the factory. The grain of the wood was visible through the paint, but should have slightly more gloss than the '65 I restored. The plated bolts in the pic are incorrect.

If you have to replace any sheetmetal that was spot welded it, you can grind your welds down flat and use a 1/2" round carbide burr to dimple the sheetmetal to replicate the factory spot welds.

The interior did not have gloss paint. I used Spies Hecker basecoat without spraying clear over it. The color is Nissan "Sunlit Sand", code "EVO", matched to an unfaded spot on the back of the steering wheel. We did have it tinted slightly browner to match better. I asked a few guys and ended up thinning the basecoat 50%, then added 15% hardener to that volume of paint. It came out just right- slight sheen and wet enough so the metallic laid out just right.

The door panel screws should be zinc/nickel/cadium? plated instead of painted.

Here's a couple details from my '66 C10.

Chalk markings on the front of the bed header panel.

Original paint color from the 250 inline six engine. A good code to mix this from is from a Mack truck, code 14704, "jet turquoise". We left part of the white and black out when mixing the paint, then added them back in until we got it close. We may have ended up adding more black than the code called for. I may still tint it a little darker to match better, but that code will give you a good starting point. Different lighting conditions throw the color off between these two pics, and it has much more of a green tint in person.

Hope these help! I'm glad a thread like this was started as I'm really into seeing anything restored back to 100% factory specs!

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