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Re: The 1960 - 1966 Chevrolet & GMC Pickups Factory Correct Restoration Thread

Correct pattern for 1966 Deluxe seat covers, this is an original cover.

Correct pattern for 1965-1966 Deluxe seat covers (the tan vinyl is not the correct color, should be silvery-gold, but the cloth is correct).

Not the best pic but here's how the factory masked off the white stripe on the cab corners for models with side trim.

The radiator shrouds had metal staples to hold the seals in place.

Seat tracks should be silver zinc/cadium plated, seat frame is low gloss black (not flat), the hinge bolt is a silver plated finish, back rest adjustment screw should be silver plated. Not sure what the seat track to floor bolts were so I painted them a contrasting black. Silver colored plating was probably correct on those.

Underside of the hood was painted black from the factory. I used low gloss but I don't think they had that much sheen originally. Satin would be more correct.

Fleetside models had filler panels under the bumpers. Not sure of the correct finish of the bolts so I used polished stainless. These may have been painted body color?

Original grease pencil marking on the steering column plate, interior side.
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