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Re: TCI to start new R&D Project with a C10!

Haven't made much progress lately. Ed and I have been discussing the chassis center section and engine placement at length. There is no physical way to lower the engine in place so we've decided to build a removable lower section of the chassis. It will have 6 attachment points and allow the body/chassis to be lowered over the top of it. I've built this over and over in my head so many times that I get disappointed when I walk into R&D and see that it isn't physically built yet. I should start on it today though.

Much like the engine placement, cab placement is still up in the air. I had read and spoke to a few C10 builders that if you body drop .75" the bottom of the pinch weld will be dead even with the bottom of the frame. That's not the case on this truck. I am currently using our Camaro 3/8" spacers(which are roughly.75" less than the stock rubber mounts) between the cab and frame mounts and the pinch weld is still well below the bottom of the frame. On top of that the rear of the cab is lower than the front, using the frame as reference. This kind of works to my advantage though. I had kinda wanted to tilt/rake the whole body down a degree or two in the front. My plan is to make the bottom of the cab parallel to the bottom of the frame.

All of that means that the core support bushings will also need to be modified to assume the new angle. This pic is with roughly 1" less thickness.

I was at a stand still with cab placement because I wanted the pinch weld rolled up flat. I'm an OCD photog so i've seen way to many good looking trucks be ruined by the pinch weld.


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