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Re: Starter Solenoid Wiring Help!!!

Originally Posted by Fords72ChevyC10 View Post
No, I am not positive. That is something I need to check.

If it is not getting power what would cause this?
Starting from the source, ignition switch. Red is the 12V supply and purple is where you should find 12V when the key is in the start position. If there is no power there, bad connection or bad switch.

Originally Posted by Fords72ChevyC10 View Post
I also used a bypass wire to connect the neutral safety switch until I can find it.
I see you had this covered If you have an automatic, make sure the neutral safety switch is in park or neutral. Confirm this with 12V on both terminals.

Then on to the bulkhead connector. Make sure that neither wire has been pushed out or loosened. And then finally to the starter solenoid.
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