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Re: Anyone in here own a Yak

It has the Duramax Diesel engine, in another thread he mentioned it was a c4500. 8.1 gas and 6.6 diesel were the only 2 engine options in 4500/5500 01-10.

You looking for any specific info? Shouldn't need to throw lots of money at it unless it needs work. But just like any modern diesel, everything is more expensive than its comparable gas twin.

The engine will be the same as a 2500hd/3500 (LBZ) but detuned for less power. 2007 should have the full 6 speed transmission. 06+ have a 6 speed transmission but the 6th gear is locked out from the factory until 2007 or 2008 models. It can be enabled with a computer reflash from the dealer.

Change the oil every 5000 miles and fuel filter every 10,000. Add a lift pump to help out the injection pump and get extra filtration.

Go to and search their heavy haulers section. There was alot of good info back in the day. Its slowed down alot now though.
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