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70 vs 72 Tie Rods and Such???

My mutt of a 2wd truck has a 70 title, VIN tag, and frame, BUT the rest of it looks to be 72. I need to take some slop out of the steering bits and pieces so I have 3 sets of questions...

1.) The truck was power steering, but now has a manual box on it...Are there any concerns regarding the PS parts (tie rods, drag link etc) working with the Manual Box and manual pitman arm? It all bolts up fine.

2.) How do I identify what year tie rods and adjustment sleeves that are on the truck? I am betting 72 since it has disc brakes. LMC shows 67 to 70 then 71 and 72 parts and I do not want to order trail and error parts.


3.) Should I consider replacing the center link? Will an old one contribute to the slop or are they considered wear free? I suppose the idler should be changed too?

FYI - New Redhead manual box just installed and new ball joints. Steering column under the knife now. I can not see a lot of slop coming from any particular place, it must be a little loose all over. The stock steering shows about 5 inches at the outer portion of movement between making the tire move side to side, and the tire is on skates.
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