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Choosing front sway bar

I'm having some trouble choosing a front sway bar for my 68, despite searching through the site extensively as well as google images, etc. I notice several options that fit my truck and are in my budget, and have read a few installation issue threads, so I'm looking to get some feedback regarding what would be best for my truck.

Currently the truck has stock arms, 3" spindles, 2" springs trimmed a bit. Also has power steering (not sure if that creates any clearance issues on some designs). I know some of the designs are better for lowered applications via the shorter frame perches, etc. I also know I wont be spending over $200 on this which takes me away from of the really nice stuff like NoLimit/ Hotchkis/ etc. Here's a picture of how it sits for reference:

The options I see are stock style like this, with the bushing ends on the a-arms. Vendor would have to be ECE right, I'm not heading to a junk yard to pull one? Also does this stock style bar have any hang ups when used as low as I am? I did read one thread about an oddly shaped bar coming from ECE which deters me.

Next would be the End link style bars. First is the one POL sells. This style one uses L-brackets that need to be mounted to the front of the arm, not utilizing any of the existing holes. This seems popular, but mounting to the top of the arm must be slightly better right?

This bar is very similar, but it does use the factory hole in the a-arm. Seems very nice, but not sure if I'd have to use the tall frame perch? Seems as if there is no drop in the bar at all and it must be mounted flat.

The CPP bar looks near identical, and comes with both height perches, and looks to be solid. The shape is much more angular, making me think there might be issues with the steering clearance? There is an install article on hotrod where they use this style and they have to use the tall perches to get it to work. Not sure that's best?

Overall, just looking for real world install advice from you guys. Has anyone had success with any of these bars? The clear winner after the threads I HAVE read seems to be the stock style, but I'd like some confirmation due to not many guys being as low/ power steering clearance/ etc. Any info helps, thanks in advance!
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