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Re: Choosing front sway bar

Originally Posted by Grumpy old man View Post
I use factory bars you couldn't pay me to mount that hokey end link with the tiny little bushings and rods, it all looks generic ? use the drop mounts if your concerned about clearance issues .
Originally Posted by leddzepp View Post
The bigger the the bar the better the performance. I always pull one from the local junkyard from a 1 ton 70s-80s truck. They are 1 1/4 inch diameter and make a world of difference in handling.
I understand the stock bars are robust enough, but like I stated in my post I'm not going to a yard to pull one. And I understand I will need to use whatever frame mounts work best for clearance. I'm not sure why the end links would be an issue? I could be mistaken but every performance sway bar I see on a "new" car has end links like that? Thanks for the opinions, appreciate it!
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