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Re: The 60-66 "PAYING IT FORWARD" thread!

just finished doing a 396bb/t56 swap on my 66 gmc. pulled out the original 305e v6/3spd so now I have a really huge paperweight. still at his house so I cant take pics right now. was going to just take it to the scrap yard but I saw this thread and figured there might be someone out there crazy about those engines. will not ship.

engine/trans is located in woodbine, MD. brief history: bought the truck about 6 months ago in middle of Virginia. the po said he had been driving it and had installed sunpro gauges, holley 500, and a hurst floor shifter. on the journey home, I was watching those gauges like a hawk. but behold, no big issues the whole way back, although I noticed it had a clunking noise in the trans when taking off in 1st or R. oil pressure was good, never overheated, didn't get pulled over, didn't fall apart at 70mph on the highway, couldn't have gone any better. so after getting real tags, I continued to drive the truck and slowly getting more confident the longer I drive it without having any issues, other than the clunking noise, but I still used first and reverse just fine. I started with doing a front power disc brake kit and ran all new lines, kept the stock rear drums. the typical pesky safety stuff. love the truck, cant stand having to wait for a huge gap in traffic just to pull out on the highway without getting hit. so 6 months later, when my buddy pulled his 396 out of his Camaro, I got a good deal on it, plus the t56 he was going to put behind it but never did.

so now its all said and done (well not really, but to the drivable stage), I have a big ass engine and trans sitting at my buddys house and he wants his garage back. from what I have seen on craigslist, im not even gonna bother listing it, more of a come get it or it goes to the scrapyard deal.

on another note, I think this is an awesome thread idea and much thanks to the members of this forum. even though I have never posted, you guys have helped me through my brake swap and engine/trans swap with very useful info. I managed to avoid issues that I never even knew I would run into before even tearing into it.
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