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Re: 1969 - 1972 Blazer and Jimmy Index Thread

Liz, didn't see where this would fit in.

Live just outside of San Antonio Texas. Every year we are required to have our vehicles safety checked. So yesterday I took my 71 Blazer in to be inspected at a Firestone tire service store. When they got around to inspect the truck I noticed something funny going on. First one service tech was looking it over, then a second,and then a third. After about 10 minutes passed then the store manager came into the waiting room. He came up to me and asked how do you open the hood. So I went and showed the group how to unlatch the factory hood latch. These all had the certified as patches on their shirts. This was hilarious.
Guess they can work on new car and trucks but not on our classic vehicles. For what it's worth.
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