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Originally Posted by DeadheadNM View Post
@ Derek (Precision Parts)

Just wanted to make a related comment. The repro roof rail seals for single wall 72 K5 tops lack an integrated metal support piece on the lower end and consequently don't fit as well as OEM. I've got a NOS seal on one side and repro on the other and there's a noticeable difference in fitment. Would be great if Precision rolled out single wall seals with the metal component that improved on that made by a competitor (I do not see that Precision makes a single wall top to glass seal).

Also, the roof rail seals listed on your website do not specify single versus double wall top application. It looks like these are for double wall tops. Specifying the application in the product description might be helpful to the customer.

I appreciate the products your company produces.
Sorry for the late reply. I made the change to the description on our website to make it clear that these fit the double wall. Thanks for the heads up!

I will bring the single wall version up with sales and R & D, but maybe slim chance of reproducing it because of the cost in tooling with low potential sales.

BTW, you're not to far from our mfg/distribution plant in Wausau.

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