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Re: What did you do to your Blazer/Jimmy today?

Finally added a stereo to the Jimmy. Put a retrosound unit (Hermosa, I think) in the dash. It's too shiny, so I'm going to try to maybe cut off/use some of the faceplate from the original radio dial to cover it.

My Jimmy didn't have any speakers or interior panels when I got it, so I made up some quick rear panels from some scrap 1/4" plywood that I had. I built a heavier 1/2" plywood structure behind them to house the 6x9 JBL speakers, and covered everything in grey felt. I put some aluminum angle behind them, which is riveted to the floor to support the bottom edges.

While I was in there, I also put some some sheets of sound deadening, and then more felt over the wheelwells. The previous owner put in some bedliner which was really scratchy, and rocks hitting the wheelwells were really loud, this improved both situations.

I put in a 12" Sundown SA-12 in a box that I build behind the seat, and a couple amps under the back seat to drive it all (An old Sony xplod 50w x 4 for the front and rear speakers, and a MTX1000.1 for the sub).

I got the typical plastic kick panels for the front, which were kinda ugly. I had to space the speakers outward so I routed up some MDF rings, added sound deadening to the plastic, and then covered it all with the same felt. Matching GTO series JBL component 6.5s up front. It all sounds great, and can completely drown out the wind and motor noise at any speed
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