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Radiator/ cooling system flush

I have my '89 K1500 EC parked in the driveway getting much needed cooling system maintenance. I've let it go for the last five years since I installed this engine and it's finally caught up with me. I literally had rust flakes clogging the cooling system like red kitty litter; no kidding. It lined the upper radiator hose and when I squeezed the hose it "crunched". Don't ever let your cooling system get this bad. Phew. Once the storm is over I plan to pull the radiator and flush it very well to get any remaining residue out. I've flushed the block and heater core already and another plan of attack is to replace a leaking freeze plug in the block behind the alt./ PS pump. My thoughts are to use Dexcool since this is the coolant I have on hand since two of my other vehicles use it. Thoughts? I know some people don't like the stuff but I don't have a problem using it in my newer vehicles.
1989 K1500 Chev. EC
Original owner; some of the aftermarket parts I've installed are Borla headers, Hypertech chip, Edelbrock water pump, and a Stillen rear disc brake conversion kit.
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