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Re: Radiator/ cooling system flush

First identify if the kitty litter as you put it is chemical sludge or actual metal using a magnet.

Dex (not sure what you had in it to begin with) can not be mixed with additives or green coolant. Sludge is the result. Dex was designed for Aluminum engines.

If the level of Dex is allowed to go low, SLUDGE is also the result

If it turns out you have/had metal corrosion (as you described) you got a lot of work ahead of you. If you want to maintain this engine for any length of time.

In the second article you will see this:
"Fact #5 If you want to prevent electrolysis from taking hold, the time proven flush and fill is all that is needed, as long it done before coolant decomposition begins. However, once electrolysis has taken hold, a simple flush and fill just isn't enough, and more drastic measures are called for.

How do we get rid of electrolysis? Since automotive electrolysis is a chemical problem as mentioned above, the answer to ridding ourselves of this problem will be to neutralize the acid. In addition we need to remove the spent antifreeze, remove any metal particles in the deep reaches of the engine block, and "scrub" the internal surfaces of the block. Sound like a flush to me. But not just any flush. We need to REALLY flush this thing out. We first pull the thermostat out, connect our flush machine4 and let run. Sometimes we flush for as long as 36 hours. Once the flushing and rinsing is complete, new antifreeze and fresh water (50/50 mix) is installed with a new thermostat. Generally distilled water is not used, as it tends to be "hungry water" looking for ions. A chemical additive is then added to help in a variety of ways. It will control pH, help the coolant to remain non conductive, and contains an oxygen scavenger to prevent cavitations, erosions, and pitting. Last but not least, a sacrificial anode is introduced into the cooling system to "pull" any stray electrolysis away from aluminum components. Don't forget to retest for voltage in your cooling system. If you have more than .1v (one tenth), your not done flushing! "

Notice that since it requires additives, DEX could not be used.

Do what you want with this information, you been warned.
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