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1st Gen Blazer Sound System Ideas

Hey everyone,

Looking for some ideas that keep a stockish look while having decent tunes. So ideas that accomplish that ideal...

What I have bought or have considered:

-Stock radio dash hole - i already have a Retro Sound Long Beach unit to install.

For Speakers utilize either:
-Kick panel speaker pods (these seem to be sold by every vendor)


-"CentraPod" thing i found for jeeps which i think could work well.

Or both?? (I will not cut my doors for a speaker).

For a subwoofer - I dont want a sub box or to put a sub in my rear CST panels. So i was thinking those slim under seat subs...maybe under the back seat?

And lastly an amp - where could i mount one thats hidden? Under the driver seat?

Anything I'm missing or not considering?
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