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Re: 1st Gen Blazer Sound System Ideas

My dash was already cut and there were already holes in the I didn't sweat it too much.
I bought a low profile sub box and shimmed the rear seat up 1" with some black plastic spacers so it would don't notice it unless I point it out.

I put 5" round 2 way speakers in the front doors...I made some side panels out of textured ABS plastic sheet and mounted 6x9 3 way speakers in them.
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For the amp I put in a 2000 watt 5 channel Pioneer and mounted it under the driver seat..I had to modify the bracket for the slider in order to get enough clearance...

The head unit is just a Pioneer digital unit with CD player

Really sounds clear and loud...the sub is adjustable and I mounted the control box behind the console next to the floor.
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