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Re: 1st Gen Blazer Sound System Ideas

Originally Posted by A1971Blazer View Post
The system for my '70 worked out great..but I'm kinda in a dilemma on my '72.....
it has the retro-look head unit in dash...and there are holes in the doors from a PO....
but I just bought new CST side trim panels and I'm not really down with the idea of cutting holes in them right off the bat....
I've been toying with the idea of a sub under the back seat like my '70 and perhaps some 4x6 3 way speakers mounted in some enclosures under there as well..???
Yeah ok this is more where I am. Bought new CST panels. No way I'm cutting them lol.

Got a pic of your underseat sub? I thought about speakers under the rear seat also like you mention but...will they sound ok?
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