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Re: 3 inch drop?

I don't think you can run 15"wheels with 3" spindles? I think you will have interference issues and I am sure the bottom of suspention will be below the wheel. So if you have a flat your going to be riding on the suspension instead of the wheel. That could be very dangerous at speed.

At the rear, do some measuring as to how much travel you have between the frame and bump stops and how much you will have after lowering it.

My experience is with a Suburban so different frame but trust me you do not want it to be bottoming out on the frame at highway speeds. It is like slamming into something solid. Shakes the whole car very hard. You may need to install a frame notch when you lower it.

My suburban was lowered when I bought it and rode really good. But out on the highway if you hit a big bump it would bottom out and it was felt like it going to break something. So I had to go back in and fix some issues.
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