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Re: 1st Gen Blazer Sound System Ideas

Originally Posted by Green Monster View Post

Do you have any photos of the bracket modification to the slider under the driver seat that you can share with us?

Although you have an amp mounted in that location, I have a Kicker Hideaway sub/amp combination that I am considering installing in the base of console if I cannot get it to fit under the driver seat. The driver seat is my preferred location if I can get it to fit with slight modification.
Sorry...I usually forget to take pictures....
The rod that connects the sliders from one side to the other was in the way....
I took the little brackets that it hooks to on each side, cut the section where the rod hooks in and made a little extension piece that would raise it up about " and tig welded them back on the original piece.
That gave just enough room for it to clear the amp...and still be able to slide the seat
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