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Re: Enginge/Trans opinions

Originally Posted by Keith6987 View Post
Thanks for your input. The old trucks Iíve driven over the years have all been manual. My Jeep is a manual. There is just an old school feel to driving a stick once in a while. I like to downshift and let it cackle. I was 90% sure I was going with the 700R4 just because it would line up with the NP205 with the least trouble. From what I can tell the only manual that will pop right in is the SM 465.
The 700r4 needs either a new output shaft or an adapter to mate to the NP205.

If you get the new output shaft it bolts up just like your TH350 would. The other thing when you put in a 700r4 the trans is 1-7/8" longer than a TH350 so you need to either move the engine forward (my choice) or the tcase back.

I'd imagine the SM465 would bolt right in assuming you have the right crossmembers and such. The SM465 came in these as a stock option right?
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