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Re: Crocodile Rocks Build Thread

Eventually I would like to do a color swap and repaint the truck dark blue. At that time, I plan to replace the front clip with a 68 front end.

For now I've decided to leave the ochre & white. I'm going to finish sanding the roof and I plan to re-sand the bedsides. I'm thinking that I'll paint these area's using the "Trucks" patina method to attempt to match the natural patina the front end has.

Today I cleaned the driver's side of the hood with 50/50 CLR & water, then scrubbed it with a scotch-brite pad and 1000 grit sand paper to clean up the surface rust. I then polished it. It came put pretty good and I would have liked to have done more but it's mid 40's & windy here today and it's just too cold to be messing around in the shade with water.

There's two before pics and 3 after pics below. Let me know what you think.
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