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Re: Mini starter questions, plastic gears, cranking amps. (86' C30, 454 TH400)

Found one today at the junkyard off a later 4x4 truck. Couldn't tell what year it was as the decals were gone but it was a staggered bolt starter, and the engine looked to be a 454 (exhaust ports were not siamesed).

Came with a heat shield too and the nose has a nice needle bearing in there. I have not see that feature on aftermarket cheapies. I think it is a factory starter though because of all these extra bits on it though it had a remanufactured sticker on it and I could not see any factory marks on the casting.

Made sure I got the bolts too.

The only slight 'gotcha' is that the solenoid studs are not 3/8" but more like whatever a 14mm nut would thread onto.

Won't install it for a couple of weeks. There's a horse show next weekend and I'm superstitious to do any more work on it before the event.

Price was $33 including tax out the door, but they'll refund me $5.00 for a core return.
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