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Re: Williams Header install

Hey Jemez, small world - I'm tacking this same job today on my '59 Fleetside, engine is the original 235 I have everything apart, stuff painted that I wanted to freshen up while things are accessible, getting close to ready to assemble. In my case, I want to go with the stock intake manifold and the Williams split exhaust manifolds.

Doing some test fitting I can tell the stock throttle linkage will foul against the rear exh. manifold section, specifically the arm that runs vertical to the carb. Any suggestions from folks on ideas to remedy this? I'm thinking I'll have to bend a new arm. It's 1/4" rod so I guess I'll go to a hardware store or the like and buy a length of steel rod and do it trial and error. I'm thinking I'll bolt up both sets of manifolds, get the carb. in position, then start eye balling things. It doesn't look like the original linkage can be re-bent to work to me. This is my 1st time diving into this sort of job so if anyone has any tips I'd appreciate it, TIA.
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