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Re: Amazon aluminum radiators??

I bought mine from Rockauto. It said it's the correct fitment for the truck, and it kinda is. I have the 250 L6, and I had to move the battery side upper and lower radiator support bracket to the outer position. However, as a result, I can't run a radiator cap with ears, because it'll hit the bracket. I haven't had any real success finding an earless cap, so I'm making one. I figured it was a good reason to buy a jeweler's torch, so I can trim the ears and braze the edges

Going back to the actual radiator itself, the quality is really good. It's unpainted aluminum, and it's whatever the larger number of tubes is (3 vs 2, or 4 vs 3, I forget). But it'll work if I do a SBC or LS swap.
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