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Re: valve covers, engine rebuild, other stuff

oh, wow, I didn't realize that was even a possibility... Learn something new every day!

Here are a couple more pics of my previous Jimmy. I can see that it does have the same PCV valve on the driver's side as my current Jimmy, but then I can see on the passenger's side that it has 2 holes, one looks like it has a mesh cover (breather?), and the other looks like the filler cap has been replaced with a 2nd breather.

So, should I get a breather cap to replace the filler cap? I mean, that would be better than no breather, right? Or would it be best-case to get a set of OE covers?

jaros44sr - how much is shipping to 76148? That sounds like a deal that's too good to pass up. Before I commit though, they will fit a 72 350?

Pic1 (orange): 70 Jimmy I used to have. I can see the two holes on the passenger's side.
Pic2 (blue): 72 Jimmy I currently have. Looks like only the oil filler cap on the passenger's side.
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