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Re: valve covers, engine rebuild, other stuff

I would bet dollars to donuts that your aftermarket valve cover on the driver side has no oil baffle beneath the PCV valve port. When this is the case, the engine is able to pull an amazing amount of oil through the PCV valve and into your carb where it is sent into the engine to be burned along with your air/fuel mixture. Get a set of valve covers with the proper oil baffles in place and you will find that your oil consumption issue goes away. This exact thing happened to me, but I was running a brand new custom built engine. I wanted to use some cool old cast aluminum valve covers that had no oil baffles. The engine went through oil like nobody's business. I swapped on a set of valve covers with oil baffles, and oil consumption disappeared.

Also note that your plugs are probably really fouled at this point. So after you fix the oil baffle problem, clean your plugs or get a new set.
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