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You can't plug off the pcv hose going to the carb. If you do your engine will run way too rich. What you could do is make an improvised puke can. It may take a bit of screwing around, but what you need to do is get a canister or even a jar that won't collapse under a bit of vacuum. Run a hose from the valve cover to this can, then another hose from the can to the pcv valve. The idea is to trap the oil in the can and preventing it from being sucked in the intake. This is a trick we use on turbo cars to prevent oil ingestion. As far as rocker covers, they will all fit until the late 80s when GM came out with the hold down bolts that went through the top of the cover. I actually machined some of the tooling that went into making the progressive die that stamped these "new" rocker covers back in the 80's.
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