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Re: valve covers, engine rebuild, other stuff

I haven't looked at the plugs yet.

I do plan to wash the oil off and run it and see if I can see where it's coming from the most soonish. I can tell that there is some oil coming from the timing cover. I would be afraid of pressure washing it and completely blowing out any gaskets, so my plan was to use engine degreaser and a garden hose that's not turned all the way up.

The underside is pretty soaked just about everywhere. The previous owner mentioned that he thought the dipstick tube was the worst leak because it's an aftermarket chrome job, and it "fell" (like the opening is aimed toward the front, and it fell to aim to the driver's side, still in the block, so it didn't "fall" out) when he touched it, and looking at the side of the engine from underneath, the passenger's side was relatively dry, and the block on the driver's side started getting wet from about halfway back, near the dipstick tube. You can see the oil on the exhaust on the driver's side, and on the oil filter. The oil pan has some drips, and since I've had it, the passenger's side has started getting wet too.

When I drive it, just putting around town, doing 30 to 40, it's fine, but when I get on the highway and get the speedo up to 50+ it starts billowing smoke from under the engine compartment, so that leads me to believe it's not burning the oil, or could it be? I don't think it's smoking from the exhaust. My wife followed me home and said her windshield got covered in oil, and the back window / bumper / tailgate on the Jimmy is oily now too.
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