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Audrey: My '78 Silverado

Well guys, it has been a while since I have posted anything worthwhile on here and I suppose it's time I start an "Official" build thread for Audrey.

History: Got her as a Senior in High School after trading another truck plus some cash at a car lot I worked at. Started out with 68k original miles, now has 79k and is being, well, torn apart and restored how I want. Originally a 350/400 and 342 rear end lowered 5/7 and original mandarin interior.

Planned Build:
-Scotts Hot Rod's 73-87 Custom Chassis
-6 spd Super Magnum with an LT Gen V motor
-Switch over to low back buckets covered in leather as close to the original mandarin as possible.
-Interior will have a redesigned retro, vibe, keeping the original dash but wrapping in leather, door panels will be redesigned and updated but keep some original parts.
-One-off cab trim, billet grille (stock design), and all trim will be done in a brushed nickel.
-Bumpers smoothed, narrowed and done in brushed nickel.
-Bed rails filled, bed floor raised ~4", metal border in bed with central gas fill, dark wood and brushed nickel strips, flush tonneau cover with gas shocks, tailgate altered with gas shocks for opening.

More to come later. Will post more later and update with pics.
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1978 Chevy 2wd Stepside
aka "Audrey"
Cordova brown with mandarin guts
79k original miles & being restored

1979 Chevy 2wd Short Wide
aka "Emma-Jayne"
Cordova brown with mandarin guts

2019 Chevy Tahoe LT

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