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Re: pinion angle help please

Originally Posted by 88Stanger View Post
So, tonight I was able to make some tranny shims, moving the tranny down angle to 5 degrees, the driveline is now at 2 degrees down and the pinion is at 5 degrees up. What does everyone think of that?
Sounds good to me. The trans angle and the pinion angle need to be equal. So, if your trans tail is down 5 degrees, your pinion flange should be up 5 degrees. This is what it takes to make the speed variations of the u-joints cancel.

One caveat is that no u-joint should run completely straight. If a u-joint runs with no angle at all, it will wear or pound little slots in the bearing surface on the cross, and then THAT will vibrate.

The angles on the u-joints really shouldn't be over 3 degrees either.
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