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2WD C10 Modern/Performance Alignments

It seems that alignments aren't talked about enough on the forum and a starter thread encouraged me to talk more about alignments. Here is that thread:

I wish to make this thread simple enough for all to understand so I will not start by explaining the elementary angles which are toe, caster, camber, and thrust angle. I encourage you to research these topics for yourself so that I may get on with the meat and potatoes of it all. I expect all disagreements to be handled in a delicate manner with a decent explanation of your disagreement and would ask that you thoroughly read the posts so that answer repetition is minimized.
If you have had an alignment and wish to discuss it please post a copy of your print out so that we have clarification.
This thread will discuss 2WD C10s from ’63-‘87 but if you bring up a specific example of another truck that this site is dedicated to, myself or someone else will be glad to address the situation. Keep in mind that the contents of this thread are for a modern alignment and will swing towards a performance oriented alignment. I will warn you if I feel a severe angle will burn tires up.
One last thing, I’m a car guy that knows about alignments. I am not an engineer for Goodyear, Michelin or Hunter.
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2WD C10 Modern/Performance Alignments
Easiest Alignment Ever!

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