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Re: Crusty Rusty Leaky Squeaky 67 Step

Originally Posted by sduckworth13 View Post
Lol, Vic just noticed thats my old parts truck. I have the cab to that truck in my garage, I'm restoring it. Roy.. the guy you bought that bed from is my buddy, he is a good guy. I'm supposed to help him with the truck this weekend.
That's pretty cool, Scott! You're right ...Roy is a good guy. He gave us the nickel tour of the garage in the photo you posted. His cinnamon colored truck (not shown) was also very nice. I felt lucky to run across this bed. It's in much nicer shape than any I've seen up to this point. Should work great for my purposes. You'll get to see it again when I post progress pics. From what Roy told me, the cab was in mint condition. Wish mine were better, but with a bit of elbow grease, it should end up okay.
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