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Re: lowered shortbeds on stock wheels?

Originally Posted by nlped View Post
Here is a shot of mine.

It has a 2.5" spindle on the front with a Belltech 1" coil that I actually cut a 1/2 a coil off of, for a total of about 4.5"in the front. The rear is just a flip bracket that I made due to the '96 rearend swap.

I replaced the shocks in the front with Belltech Nitro Drop shocks and replaced a few bushing and the upper balljoints at the same time I installed the drop. After doing all of that, it actually rides a heck of a lot better than it did in stock trim.

It has 15x8" rallies w/ 255/70r15's which calculate out to about 29" tall and they do NOT rub at all. I have future plans for 18" wheels but no bigger because I tow a ski boat with it, and don't want to ruin the ride.
man nlped, i know that you are a victom of the boss 338,but dude, the truck is super clean man. i think this looks perfect with these wheels. do you know what over all drop you have? i just got my wheel vintique vette stlyed rally's. i just ordered 2 15x8's because the 15x10''s for the rear where out of stock. i think i might go 8''s all around after seeing your setup. do you have anymore pics?
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