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Re: just scored this 87 c10 long bed

This is crazy; I have a 1987 2wd longbed very similar to yours! It has 87k original miles; it came from Georgia. Mine has the Sierra trim level as stock; they built it like a Sierra Classic though. Same engine and trans as yours.

I also have a 4x4 frame and have considered making it a 4x4; are you related to me somehow ? Kinda hate to do the conversion because the truck right now handles super good; it has hand of God steering, and the truck has nice acceleration. My plan was (if I do the 4x4 conversion) is half ton axles, 3ish inch lift, 400 trans, and the 305 TBI engine that it has right now. If I did the conversion, I would probably sell my old drivetrain, including the 700r4 trans. Another reason I hate to do the conversion is because I have a set of powdercoated 5 lug rally wheels and like new Coopers to throw on them; then I'd have to purchase new tires for the 6 lug wheels...

Considering getting an 88-98 4x4; I bought a 94 GMC plow truck, but it needs more than it seemed. Needs a trans, cab corners, rockers, front fenders, possible rear end, possible driver's door, part of the frame welded... need I go on? The 94 runs and sort of drives (rear end locked up and no reverse); I hate to part it out in some ways because the way the truck was built from the factory is really nice (SLE trim). So thinking about putting an ad up on craigslist for my 87 so I can have a truck to try and get some of the 94's value back by putting the good parts on the new truck.

I'm not sure what to do; anyone have suggestions? Thanks
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