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Re: Installing a new wood bed on a 65 c10

Originally Posted by reed62 View Post
I am not a fan of GMC Pauls info page. I took down all the measurements they suggest for board widths and lengths. That part works great. The problem is if you follow the shoulder cut they recommend for the strips to recess into you will find yourself cutting too much wood out. They recommend a total of 3/4" on each plank edge. That adds up to a total of 1 1/2" plus you have to add in the width of your anchor bolt and you end up with close to 2 inches. The stainless strips are about 1 1/4" wide. This leaves you with more gap on each side than was original from the factory. Instead of my strips riding up against the recesses, there is an additional 1/4"-3/8" gap on each side. If I had to do it over again I would only route out 1/2" or maybe 3/8" to keep the strips tighter in the recesses. It doesn't look too bad, but a tighter fit would be closer to what came from the factory. Now it may also depend on who you get your stainless strips from. ... Just an FYI before you start cutting your planks and routing out the grooves.
Wow good info.
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