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Re: How To: Deluxe Heater Control Lever Replacement

Part 2 - Going Back Together

Here are the parts in the kit from Old Air. It is complete and the levers are much more rigid than the original ones.

Step 6 - Assemble the lever arms and spacers. The provided instructions are good and provide adequate detail.

Step 7 - Install the new knobs (mine fit tightly on the new levers)

Step 8 - Install new cables and reinstall blower switch and brackets . The new cables are much smoother but the cable end clamps suppled were inadequate. They did not match up well with the channels in the control unit. I ended up reusing the cable ends from the original cables on the truck. Also - the cable attachment on the front half of one of the levers is a pain!

Complete and ready for reinstallation. A simple, easy improvement to get the heat working properly!
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