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Re: Over 25 Years Later, Finally My 71 C-10 Truck Build

I thought I might get it fired up tonight but there were too many complications. I still had to get the broken pulley off the power steering pump. That required some cutting and a gear puller. Then I found out there wasn't enough room between the fan shroud and the pump to get the pulley installer tool in so I had to remove that also. Then the starter didn't turn over so I got under it again and pulled it out, replaced the connectors for the wiring and pulled the starter from the Jimmy (it was fairly new) when I realized I hadn't connected the ground cable to the block yet. Cripes. Time for another beer. Anyway, the spark plugs are in, the power steering pump is mounted with the pulley, flex plate is bolted to the torque converter, the starter cranks over and there's not a lot left to do before it gets started.
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