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Re: Over 25 Years Later, Finally My 71 C-10 Truck Build

Finally got it back on the road!

The timing is off and I don't have a good timing light to set it. Pings like crazy under heavy acceleration. Noticeably more power. The new torque converter seems to be working well. Not really a big difference from stock, just a bit more grabby at the higher rpm. The new FI tech EFI is a definite improvement over my old Holley EFI. Basically the same type of system with a bunch of improvements. No more dead spot just off idle. I might have to upgrade the ignition system to take advantage of some of those upgrades.

I need to figure out the wiring for the alternator. I don't think it's charging. The newer style alternator has a different plug from the late 70's style I previously switched to. I rewired it then for the internally regulated alternator. I need to move the wire for the temperature gauge. The cheap valve covers I used before leak. Not on the gasket but between the flange and the cover. The breathers leak too much also. I need to install the torque converter dust cover and do an oil change. Also need a new stud for the air cleaner. The one I had was too small of diameter. And I didn't install the new heater core yet. I was more interested in getting it running.

I did replace one of the cooling fans while I had the fan shroud off. Nothing wrong with the old one, just an upgrade to a better fan. The second fan is still the old cheaper one. Now I have a spare.

While working under the truck I noticed a drip from the pinion seal area on the rear end. So it needs some attention also.

It felt great getting it back down the road again. Two months is too long for me.
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