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Re: Over 25 Years Later, Finally My 71 C-10 Truck Build

Originally Posted by bh86 View Post
That's a cool truck. I've been reading through your build thread. How random is it that I just sold a truck last year, a 76 k10 sport, that had been owned by probably the same lumber yard in St. Anthony, Stoddard Lumber. It still had the original paperwork in the glove box with their name on it. If it will let me post pics I will. You've done some pretty amazing work on your trucks. Keep it up!
Small world isn't it? It's really too bad I had to let this one slip away. One of the separation/divorce casualties. I just saw a similar one listed for sale around here in the last few days.
Originally Posted by Ol Blue K20 View Post
Glad you got the pick up going and I'm really digging the flatbed. I want one someday. I'd love to convert it to a rollback or put a modern wrecker on it.
I was looking for a ramp bed for this one.
Originally Posted by Dieselwrencher View Post
Mike, it's nice to hear you got the turquoise truck back running again. That stinks about the trans issue, but at least it isn't anything major or too expensive. Keep at it and try not to get eaten by your state bird, the mosquito.
The mosquitos haven't bothered me until after dark, when I'm sitting on the porch at the end of the day. Hopefully that won't be the case once I have the screened area done. Last night I finished building the main part of the roof and got the felt down. All that's left is to build the overhang on the end and close it off.

I suspect the bushing has been worn for a while and I just didn't recognise the signs. I still have some work to do on it when I can find the time. I need to replace the heater core, replace the tach, fix the e-brake, fix the pinion leak and get the dash pad recovered and windshield leaks fixed. Plus there are some paint blemishes from the use over the past few years that need some attention.
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