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Re: Project Stupid Move - A rebuild for the Boy

Wow. I remember following this thread back when but I forgot about it. Hadn't seen it since before the boy got his ticket. About a month after I got my license, I got a ticket for going 33mph over the limit. Since it was a "paced" ticket I tried to lie to the judge (to be fair, they didn't make me swear on the bible first), that wasn't a good idea.

"So you're telling me that my deputy, who I've been good friends with for twenty years now, lied about how fast you were going just to teach you a lesson?"

"No, I'm just telling you I wasn't going that fast."

In Texas, after 25mph over the limit, they can stick you with the maximum penalties allowed in every aspect, and she did with everything but jail time. $500 fine, 20 hours community service, 6 months probation, and mandatory defensive driving.

When I sent in my completed defensive driving certificate and community service form after 2 and a half months with a letter explaining that I wouldn't be able to make it to my scheduled 3 months court date because I had finals, the court clerk called the next day saying the judge had decided to end my probation early and expunge the ticket from my record for my "good behavior".

I guess she thought I learned my lesson. Do we ever learn our lesson?
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