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Re: Project Stupid Move - A rebuild for the Boy

I'm honored! I'm sure you know, the plate/rocker combo is bad juju. One or the other. You were my morning chuckle, I loved the video! "Oh-oh, Wifey's home." Ha ha, sounds like my house. Last time, she caught me riding the mountain board up the street drinking a beer (we were safe, it was in a can, I'm not silly) while the 11 year old was towing me on his XR80. Damn, that's fun. "Get in here! The neighbors are gonna call the cops again!"

Boy's gonna need to look into a stouter rear. 'Course, if they're always spinning, not a lot of shock load on the rearend. Has he found a gig yet? thanks for sharing all this with us, I get a kick out of it. It's a frightening look into the future!
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